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an initiative of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States of the U.S.

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2012 Success Stories

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Each state directs its own strategy for investing RGGI proceeds in programs that benefit consumers and build a clean energy economy. Below are just a few examples of individuals, companies and cities that have benefited from energy efficiency, renewable energy and job training programs funded with RGGI proceeds.

For more information, please see the following Report on RGGI State Investments.


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City of Newark Reduces Costs and Emissions with Hybrid Vehicles

Thanks in part to a RGGI funded grant, the City of Newark, Delaware replaced three aging vehicles with new hybrid models that will save the town money at the pump, as well as reduce its environmental footprint. The new vehicles, with 41 mgp, are replacing vehicles that were getting 15 mpg. "I am thrilled to finally be adding hybrid cars to the City’s fleet. It is something we have wanted to do for quite a while. Thankfully, this grant provided the necessary financial assistance to put us on the path towards a greener fleet," said Mayor Vance Funk.

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University of Delaware Cools Labs with Green Roof

600 students at the University of Delaware are enjoying a cooler learning environment with a new green roof at the College of Engineering's Colburn Lab - where temperatures were known to reach 86 degrees. "Once again the University is demonstrating how environmental innovations can address the interrelated challenges of improving air quality, reducing energy consumption, managing stormwater effectively, and reducing operating expenses," Secretary O’Mara said. "This green roof will save UD thousands of dollars, while providing significant educational opportunities and environmental benefits for years to come." The project was made possible by grants from RGGI, DuPont, and two University of Delaware programs.

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Shelburne Plastics Stays in New Hampshire With $750,000 Energy Savings Grant

Shelburne Plastics modernized its Londonderry, NH plant with energy-efficient equipment that will save 1.75 million kWh per year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “With a loan from the NH Business Finance Authority, we were able to move two production lines to New Hampshire, purchase new equipment and retain 25 jobs,” commented Shelburne Plastics President and CEO Eugene Torvend.

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University of Maine Receives Energy Incentives for Advanced Research Center

With help from a grant provided by Efficiency Maine, and funded in part by RGGI, the University of Maine's Advanced Structures and Composites Center is recieving $36,909 in incentives to offset the additional costs associated with the University's new high performance building. Grant funds help support energy-efficiency measures incorporated into the design and construction of the new facility last year at the center of the UMaine campus.

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Greenville, NH Elementary School Goes Green

With help from a $51,850 grant provided through the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, funded in part by RGGI, the Mascenic Regional School District will install a wood pellet boiler at the Greenville Elementary School in Greenville, NH. This grant will enable the Greenville school to move beyond an oil-fired boiler, and install a highly efficient and clean-burning OkoFen Pellematic wood pellet boiler, which will be fueled with pellets sourced from New England Wood Pellet in Jaffrey, NH. The wood for the pellets will likewise be supplied from nearby NH forests. The Greenville school is well positioned to benefit from a wood pellet boiler, as it has already undertaken significant investments in improving the building’s insulation and other energy efficiency measures.

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125 Low-to-Moderate Income Families Recieve Energy Upgrades in Maryland

With $906,000 in EmPOWER grants from the Maryland Energy Administration, funded in part by RGGI, the United Communities Against Poverty (UCAP) has helped more than 125 low-to-moderate income families in Prince George's County with energy audits, weatherization, and energy upgrades. Nakisha Matthews, a single mother of two, received audits and upgrades through the program. She said, “I have seen a significant decrease in my utility bills since having my home weatherized. I was told that 75 percent of my energy was leaving my home after having the energy audit done. I was shocked. UCAP and its team took time to reduce the energy that was leaving my home and gave me tips on what I could do to reduce my energy consumption even more.”

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Completed Home Energy Efficiency Projects Double from 2010 to 2011 in New York's Hudson Valley

Through New York's Green Jobs, Green New York Program, funded in part by RGGI, 550 energy efficiency projects were completed in New York's Hudson Valley and Westchester County during 2011. The projects resulted in average annual savings of more than $800 per participating household, which will impact the homeowners’ energy bills for years to come. Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®, conducted by NYSERDA, uses a “whole-house” comprehensive assessment approach to home energy usage and recommends improvements for saving energy.

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