Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

an initiative of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States of the U.S.

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Offset Project Tracking

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The RGGI States have developed an offsets module in the RGGI CO2 Allowance Tracking System (RGGI COATS). The RGGI COATS offsets module is used to register offsets projects, track offset project Consistency Application and Monitoring and Verification Report submittals to RGGI States, track project regulatory status and the award of CO2 offset allowances, and provide public access to offset project documentation.

The offsets module in RGGI COATS enables:

  • Offset project sponsors to register offset projects and electronically submit Consistency Applications and Monitoring and Verification Reports. (Please note: Project sponsors must open a RGGI COATS general account in order to complete the application process; individual states may also require state-specific application submittal procedures.)
  • The public to access offset project applications and monitoring and verification reports submitted to the RGGI States. The Offsets Report includes the following information for each offset project: project ID code, project name, project type, reviewing state, application status, submission date, and CO2 allowances awarded. (Please note: Only offset projects that have a Consistency Application deemed complete by the applicable state regulatory agency are available for public view.)

To view the Offsets Report please click here.

To open a RGGI COATS account, please visit the RGGI COATS platform. For more information, please consult the RGGI COATS User's Guide.