Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

an initiative of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States of the U.S.

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Topical Workshops

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A series of topical workshops were held to develop aspects of the RGGI program. Presentations and agendas from these workshops are provided below.

Allowance Auction Workshop Presentations

New York Public Service Commission, 90 Church Street, NYC
Presented by Resources for the Future

Summary Format Size Updated
Final Agenda PDF 44.6kb 07/26/2006
Karen Palmer and Dallas Burtraw, Resources for the Future PPT 66.5kb 07/26/2006
Charles Holt, University of Virginia PPT 4.44mb 07/26/2006
James Savitt, Consulting Economist PPT 37kb 07/26/2006
Dan Santelli, Energy Marketing Group, AES PPT 1.08mb 07/26/2006
Steven Gabel, Gabel Associates PPT 81.5kb 07/26/2006
Evan Kwerel, Federal Communications Commission PPT 822kb 07/26/2006
Joe Kruger, National Commission on Energy Policy PPT 85.5kb 07/26/2006
Ken Macken, Ireland EPA PPT 273kb 07/26/2006
Bill Shobe, University of Virginia PPT 185kb



Electric Imports and "Emissions Leakage" Workshop Presentations

Workshop on Electric Imports and "Emissions Leakage," South Royalton, VT
Presented by Vermont Law School

Summary Format Size Updated
Potential Emissions Leakage and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) PDF 362kb 3/14/2007
Workshop Agenda PDF 40kb 07/12/2006
David J. Lawrence, New York ISO PPT 1.29mb 07/12/2006
Steven J. Rourke, ISO New England PPT 2.72mb 07/12/2006
Joe Kerecman, PJM PPT 6.87mb 07/12/2006
Sakis Asteriadis, APX PPT 830kb 07/12/2006
David J. Lawrence, New York ISO PPT 267kb 07/12/2006
Nancy Seidman, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection PPT 34kb 07/12/2006
Faith Huntington, Maine Public Utilities Commission PPT 1.29mb 07/12/2006
Gary Ferenz, Conectiv Energy PPT 1.05mb 07/12/2006
Patricia Stanton, Conservation Services Group PPT 230kb 07/12/2006
David Farnsworth, Vermont Public Service Board PPT 60kb 07/12/2006
Richard Cowart, Regulatory Assistance Project PPT 1.13mb 07/12/2006
Bill Prindle, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy PPT 743kb 07/12/2006
David Mears, Vermont Law School PPT 1.18mb 07/19/2006
Tim Profeta, Nicholas Institute at Duke University PPT 226kb 07/19/2006
Fred Zalcman, PACE Law School Energy Project PPT 40kb 07/19/2006


Electricity Markets Workshop Presentations

Workshop on Electricity Markets, Reliability & Planning, NYC
Presented by Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), ISO New England, New York ISO, & PJM

Summary Format Size Updated
Workshop Agenda PDF 53.4kb 11/30/2004
Session One - Conventional Power Supplies PDF 37.7kb 11/30/2004
Session Two - Renewable Energy & Distributed Resources PDF 26.4kb 11/30/2004
Session Three - System Operations PDF 28.7kb 11/30/2004
NY - ISO Presentation PPT 1.13mb 11/30/2004
ISO - NE Presentation PPT 135kb 11/30/2004
RAP Presentation PPT 82.5kb 11/30/2004
PSEG Presentation PPT 580kb 11/30/2004


Allocations Workshop Presentations

RGGI Workshop on Allocations & Apportionment of State Emissions Budgets
Boston, MA
Presented by Pew Center on Global Climate Change, Resources for the Future, & World Resources Institute

Summary Format Size Updated
Allocations Workshop Summary PDF 50.8kb 10/14/2004
Mark Younger, Slater Consulting PDF 166kb 10/14/2004
Dale S. Bryk, NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) PDF 60.8kb 10/14/2004
Dallas Burtraw (presenting) & Karen Palmer, Resources for the Future PDF 124kb 10/14/2004
Mark Buzel, Environmental Affairs AES PDF 1.35mb 10/14/2004
Richard Cowart, The Regulatory Assistance Project PDF 190kb 10/14/2004
Dan Cunningham, PSE&G PDF 167kb 10/14/2004
Denny Ellerman, Center for Energy & Environmental Policy Research PDF 52kb 10/14/2004
Judi Greenwald, Pew Center on Global Climate Change PDF 160kb 10/14/2004
Judi Greenwald, Pew Center on Global Climate Change PDF 159kb 10/14/2004
David Harrison, Jr., Ph.D., NERA Economic Consulting PDF 263kb 10/14/2004
Olivia Hartridge, European Commission, DG Environment PDF 102kb 10/14/2004
Robert LaCount, CERA (Cambridge Energy Research Associates, Inc.) PDF 223kb 10/14/2004
Derek K. Murrow, Environment Northeast PDF 178kb 10/14/2004
Discussion Questions: Apportioning
the Regional Cap Among States, Resources for the Future
PDF 17.1kb 10/14/2004
Christopher Van Atten, M.J. Bradley & Associates, Inc. PDF 226kb 10/14/2004
Bruce H. Braine, AEP (American Electric Power) PDF 138kb 10/14/2004


Offsets Workshop Presentations

RGGI Workshop on GHG Offsets
New York City
Presented by Pew Center on Global Climate Change, Resources for the Future, & World Resources Institute

Summary Format Size Updated
Final Workshop Agenda PDF 30.1kb 6/25/2004
Workshop Summary PDF 18.3kb 6/25/2004
Dale Bryk, NRDC & Brian Jones, MJB&A PPT 46.5kb 6/25/2004
Workshop Overview (Jonathan Pershing, World Resources Institute) PPT 205kb 6/25/2004
Mike Burnett, The Climate Trust PPT 118kb 6/25/2004
Ken Colburn, Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM) PPT 366kb 6/25/2004
Ben Feldman, Natsource, LLC PPT 529kb 6/25/2004
Joe Kruger, Resources for the Future PPT 75.5kb 6/25/2004
Maurits Henkemans, Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs PPT 131kb 6/25/2004
Janet Ranganathan, World Resources Institute PPT 251kb 6/25/2004
Neil Sampson, The Sampson Group, Inc. PPT 124kb 6/25/2004
Karl H. Schultz, Climate Mitigation Works International, LLC PPT 97kb 6/25/2004
Agricultural & Forestry Sequestration Projects Background Paper, Neil Sampson, The Sampson Group, Inc. PDF 33.7kb 6/18/2004