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an initiative of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States of the U.S.

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Original Model Rule Development

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 "Each of the Signatory States commits to propose for legislative and/or regulatory approval, the Program substantially as reflected in a Model Rule that will reflect the understandings and commitments of the states contained herein."

"The Signatory States are collectively developing a draft Model Rule to serve as the framework for the creation of necessary statutory and/or regulatory authority to establish the Program."

~The Memorandum of Understanding, December 20, 2005 

The Model Rule

The Model Rule is a set of proposed regulations that form the basis for each RGGI State's CO2 Budget Trading Program. Since August of 2006, the Model Rule has been corrected and revised to maintain consistency between individual state rules.

The following dates mark significant milestones in the Model Rule development process: 

March 23, 2006:The RGGI States released a draft version of the model rule for public comment. The states received over 1,000 pages of comments from more than 100 organizations over a period of 60 days.

August 15, 2006: The RGGI States issued a Model Rule after taking into account the public comments received.

January 5, 2007: The RGGI States issued a corrected Model Rule reflecting non-substantive technical adjustments to the August 15, 2006 Model Rule.

December 31, 2008: The states issued a revised Model Rule to reflect consistencies among state rules.

Below you will find the revised Model Rule, along with the draft, orginal and corrected versions, as well as other relevant documentation.


RGGI Model Rule

Document Format Size Updated
Model Rule (Revised December 31, 2008) PDF 527kb 12/31/08
Model Rule (Corrected January 5, 2007) PDF 793kb 1/5/07
Model Rule (Issued August 15, 2006) PDF 474kb 8/15/06


Draft RGGI Model Rule

Document Format Size Updated
Draft Model Rule (Released March 23, 2006) PDF 425kb 3/23/06
Staff Working Group Memorandum on Draft Model Rule PDF 78kb 3/23/06
Summary of Draft Model Rule PDF 105kb 3/23/06


RGGI Model Rule Documentation

Document Format Size Updated
Overview of Non-Substantive Technical Revisions to 8/15/2006 Model Rule PDF 138kb 1/5/07
Redline of Non-Substantive Technical Revisions to 8/15/2006 Model Rule PDF 614kb 1/5/07
Redline of Revisions to 3/23/2006 Draft Model Rule PDF 896kb 8/15/06
Post-Model Rule Action Plan PDF 76.4kb 8/6/06